Best commercials under the Christmas tree

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11 Jan, 2018

2017, great year for Christmas advertising ?

We wait for them as much as for the Superbowl’s, Christmas ads are becoming more and more beautiful and moving. Brands outdo themselves in order to create fairytales with incredible technical means. The most expected really raised the bar as it was the case for the Spanish Lottery or John Lewis.

This winter, advertisement gives us polished videos with moving, heart-warming scenarii. Beyond the product or the brand, a real story-telling is imagined to reach the consumer in a subtle way, in this time of the year when we assess our situation and gather with our family.

Let’s take a look at the 10 best 2017 Christmas ads.

John Lewis « Moz The Monster »

Story: a little boy discovers an adorable snoring monster under his bed and befriends him. Unfortunately, their nightly activities keep the boy from enjoying his day : his friend decides to let him sleep but leaves a gift that will allow the both of them to always stay in touch.

An unexpected last place for John Lewis, explained by the quality of its previous Christmas commercials which lead the fans to expect something more surprising every year. The competition is harder in this time of the year and other commercials rose above the top.
The best part of it : Elbow’s cover of the Beatles.

Air New Zealand « A Very Merry Mistake »

Story: in his office, Santa receives strange request calls from New-Zealander kids but still transfers them, until one of his elves comes to complain. The airplane staff explains that the calls were perfectly normal, but pronounced with a kiwi accent. Everything ends well.

An original approach and a well found insight: the ad is polished, the set is convincing, the gifts’ composition makes us smile. One minor drawback: the ending which comes out of nowhere and is a little bit too educationalist. On the other hand, we love the Lord of the Rings air travel company.

Lego Australia Christmas Ad

Story: in the middle of Christmas rush, Santa is working with his colleagues when he is suddenly expelled at the other side of the room. Everything shuts down in the Christmas factory and Santa will have to go through some adventures in order to come back and save Christmas.

The video reminds us of Toy Story or even the Lego Movie because of the interference of human characters in a toy universe. That stop-motion movie necessitated 12 000 pieces and was perfectly directed: it shows once again how creativity can be a game’s starting point and be expressed through playing.

Sainsbury’s « Every Bit of Christmas »

Story : a music video for a catchy song about everything good and bad about Christmas.

The video is fun and the song’s rhythm stays in our heads, we couldn’t help thinking about Sydney’s underground’s “Dumb ways to die”. The clip was created by a French duo: We Are From LA, and the cast is composed of “real” people and Sainsbury employees. Another god point: it reminds us of what Christmas spirit is about.


Toyota « R+S Holiday Commercial »

Story : A couple has to pick up a fallen tree which represents a lot for the woman because the tree accompanied her parents’ love story and has their initials engraved in its bark. The couple decides to make a surprise to the parents a sculpt a wooden table out of the tree.

Short and effective, the video plays with music and polished images to make the spectator shed a tear. It was aired during the commercial break of the the “This is Us” show, known for its emotional effect on viewers, and became a hit with immediate feedbacks on Twitter.

Apple « Holiday Sway »

Story: A dancer gets carried away by musique in a snowy street. She bumps into a man, puts her wireless earplugs in his ears. They begin a gravity defying dance.

It is not the first time that Apple makes us want to dance, or uses gravity to promote its wireless earplugs, ut this Christmas version is full of charm. The choreography is moving, the beams of light make the viewer dream. Sam Smith accompanies the video, which leaves us with a nostalgic, dreamy feeling when the characters go on separate ways.
Fun fact : they are married in real life.

Marks & Spencer « Paddington And the Christmas Visitor »

Story: Paddington gets woken up by a clumsy thief and mistakes him for Santa. He drags him into a race through the city to hand out all the gifts that have actually been stolen, and at the same time, helps the thief to understand Christmas Spirit.

A win for Marks & Spencer who chose a popular mascot: Paddington’s second film was huge success in the theaters. Even if the intention is obviously inspired by John Lewis’ movies, the video is well made, Paddington is engaging and the story is able to seduce a wide audience, from children to adults. Furthermore, the ad comes with dozens of derived products available at Marks & Spencer, which will undoubtedly increase the brand’s sales for Christmas.

Debenhams « You Shall Find Your Fairytale »

Story: 2017. Cinderella looses her shoe in the subway. She posts a status a creates a hashtag in order to find it. The incident is spread on social networks and even in newspapers. Prince Charming doesn’t live in a cave: he is on social networks and meets her in a snowy street where Ewan McGregor is changing lightbulbs!

No mistakes in this polished video that even has Obi-Wan Kenobi as a voice over. The parallel is obvious for a shoe brand, to use a high-heel fetishist fairytale, but the 2017 version is surprising. The kiss at the end is magnified by the atmosphere and the actors who seem destined to find each other.

H&M « A Magical Holiday »

Story: A father reads a Christmas story to his daughter in order to help her fall asleep: in a parallel universe, Santa’s evil brother took control and steals presents from the children. Only the little girl can save Christmas.

A sweet story, a sharp realization, headline-grabbers, stunning decors and a little girl as a heroine. H&M has the recipe for a successful Christmas commercial and we love that 3mn video. Aired in 62 countries, the clip was a success and perfectly highlights the brands new collection.

Spanish Christmas Lottery « Danielle »

Story: An extra-terrestrial ship lands on Earth. On board: a beautiful woman who has magic powers but no idea of how humans work. She meets a man who decides to guide her and they play the lottery.

The advertiser is known for its ads: get ready for this 20mn “short” film, its moving story and convincing special effects. The actors are good, time seems to pass by very quickly, even though the commercial is exceptionally long, and the heart warming story will remind you of E.T.

This year, Christmas magic is real, and whatever the country, brands know how to enchant their customers. Thanks to these, we will wait for the fat bearded man with a Christmas song in our heads and a smile on our faces!

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