Welcome in the 3rd dimension

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25 Jun, 2018

3D has been trying to find its way into our lives for a long time.

It quickly appeared before the eyes of children on their video game consoles. The older ones among you will remember Starfox on Super Nintendo with a certain nostalgia, the good old movie Tron and Nintendo’s failed attempt to create a virtual reality headset back in the 80s.

image7 Welcome in the 3rd dimension

Remarkable progress has been made and she has interfered in the cinema, in fashion, in advertising, in our phones, EVERYWHERE.

Just look at the latest recreational video productions to be sure of it and the many Snapchat filters that teens stick to their faces all day long.

The result: 3D has never been more present. And there are so many ways to apprehend it.

3D plugins in our web browsers

Initially reserved for browser-based video games, these plugins have opened up to global communication to offer broader 3D experiences.

With Unity or the late Flash and now with the WebGL (without installation of plugin annex), it allows to offer users a richer navigation.

Brands have understood this and use the immersive character of 3D modeling to create real-time product configurators, for example.

image4 Welcome in the 3rd dimension

The app world explosion

The number of applications based on augmented reality has grown steadily with the technological advances of our laptops. These applications use the power of the smartphone to couple the image with 3D and make it almost tangible.

Ikea has understood this well and uses its Place application as a purchasing vector by allowing to insert its catalog in real time in its house thanks to the 3D / Augmented Reality couple. The iphone X models a 3D map of your face. It is certain that applications for selfies will soon enter this new dimension.

Today, taking pictures with cat ears, crossing a Pokemon in the street or even a T-Rex are situations that have become totally banal on our smartphones and show once again that 3D has mixed with our lives with a certain ease.

image5 Welcome in the 3rd dimension

The renderings are becoming more and more bluffing, confusing virtual and real, which raises many questions about these computer generated images produced so quickly #deepfake.

Social Networks

The world of social networks is not left out and is becoming the new playground for 3D. Fashion invests these platforms by offering shorter and more punchy content filled with synthesized images. Quality or low of range according to desires and budgets but always with this will to stand out. This is how Instagram becomes the landmark of 3D “arty”.

image1 Welcome in the 3rd dimension

Facebook is not left out and launches a brand new type of post to upload a 3D file. The user can rotate the image to look at the room from every angle.

Lego has already started using these posts to present his new figurine sets. Our little finger tells us that the next ones to follow in their footsteps will be the luxury houses in order to immerse us in the details of goldsmithery that can represent a jewel, a perfume or a watch.

image3 Welcome in the 3rd dimension

From CGI to real life

All these 3D objects of synthesis could not be satisfied to live virtually. The explosion of 3D printing and the drop in purchasing costs now make it possible to transfer these virtual creations into our lives. We go from augmented reality to augmented everyday life.

image2 Welcome in the 3rd dimension

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