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5 Jul, 2018

While the kick-off of the most watched sporting competition in the world has been given, the campaigns around the Football World Cup are multiplying. For brands, it is a great opportunity to talk about themselves, to increase their notoriety but also their sales. Some brands speak legitimately since they are partners of, or directly linked to the competition.
Others, less legitimate, sometimes speak in very surprising ways.

Let’s take a look at the best campaigns of this 2018 World Cup.

BBC / England

Ah British people, you never know what to expect from them. This year again, they are not the favourites and yet they could be THE surprise of this World Cup!

The BBC unveiled its TV spot, directed by BBC Creative and BBC Sport Marketing. We can see an embroidery machine gradually revealing the greatest moments of the competition. Nothing is forgotten, Diego Maradona’s goal on his own, Roger Milla’s dance, one of Zidane’s goals during the final game against Brazil, the goal unfairly denied in Lampard against Germany or Mario Gotze’s decisive goal in 2014. By using a Russian tapestry, the BBC manages to keep us on our toes and make us expect the moment we are all waiting for.

TyC Sports / Argentina

No doubt that this Argentinian ad will be much more talked about than the performances of her team. Indeed, the Albiceleste is at its worst in this World Cup and struggles to satisfy its supporters.
In this TV spot, the channel TyC Sports questions Vladimir Putin about the omnipresent homophobic acts in Russia: “Mr President of Russia, we understand that your country does not allow manifestations of love between men, then we have a problem”.

This ad features men hugging and kissing each other in front of Argentina’s team matches, numerous goal celebrations full of joy and passion but also men getting another man’s portrait tattooed on their bodies.

The voice-over warns the Russian president: “Mr Putin, if for you love between men is a disease, then we are very sick. And you know what else? It’s contagious”.


They are the thrill-providing team at the start of this World Cup, capable of overthrowing the Mannschaft, Mexico are a solid and very cunning team. In many countries of the world, beer is probably the drink most consumed at these major sporting events. But this summer, that will not be the case in Mexico.

The milk brand Lala, subtly plays with viewers by offering a TV spot that looks like an advertisement for alcohol by replacing beer with milk. It plays on the time difference between Russia and the South American countries that will see most games of the competition in the morning.

Thanks to a strong and very surprising insight, Lala manages to place her brand where we didn’t expect it!

GATORADE/ Argentina

Argentines are definitely the talk of the town. Through a fantastic 3D animation film, the Argentinean studio Guizmo Animation retraces the life of a famous player from the country.

From his childhood, when La Pulga was hampered by growth problems (which, according to some, prevented him from becoming a football professional), to his five golden balls, to the final of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil… this magnificent storytelling retraces the story of Lionel Messi, a true legend in Argentina.

The spot “Heart Of a Lio” conveys the message never to give up and to always believe in your dreams.

EDEKA / Germany

This year again, the Germans are favourites, despite a sluggish start in the competition, it is highly likely that Germany will again find themselves in the last four remaining teams.
Since 1930, the Neurundland has made every effort to ensure that every four years its national team does not qualify for the World Cup. Alcohol the day before the qualifying match, barbecue, everything is done so that this team misses its match.

In this absurd advertising, punctuated by the famous music “You’ll never walk alone”, the brand shows us a multitude of scenes where players and coaches are happy and satisfied to lose.

Their only objective: to watch the World Cup with friends in the best place, in front of an Edeka barbecue. An original and surprising spot that counts not on success or competition but on the experience of the event and the pleasure of sharing it.

In the atmosphere of the World Cup, many brands are imagining their advertising strategies. Acting as a real highlight, this competition allows any brand to use this niche to talk about themselves. Even if France is not part of this ranking, we hope that it will stand out in the game, if not in advertising.
Let us end with this quote from Aimé Jacquet, which illustrates both sporting success and advertising success: “Individual work makes it possible to win a match, but it is team spirit and collective intelligence that make it possible to win the World Cup”.

Addendum : We actually won… proud to be French!

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