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5 Mar, 2019

Like an architect or designer, we do not create a site so that it is only pretty, but so that it is especially useful and used. We work for a client but above all for its audience. Does that mean that everything that is produced must be the same? Far be it from us to be digital vigilantes by denouncing the similarities between one site and another, but we are tending more and more towards a kind of standardization of the web, so how to stand out from the crowd?

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With the arrival of professions such as UX design, tools such as WordPress or Shopify, best-practices, current trends, etc… most of the websites (e-commerce or not) of the major companies tend to be similar. Some brands are still trying to stand out from the crowd thanks to a more innovative artistic direction and navigation experience in order to compensate for the highly codified product descents.

img01 article1 Stand out from the crowd!

img02 article1 Stand out from the crowd!

The brand content to stand out

“The big House is withdrawing in favour of the arrival of the new designer, who then transforms the brand into a global brand. “Geo Owen, artistic director

We are not going to go back over the new logos of luxury brands that all look alike, but it can also be applied to digital: avoid creating a shell too much of an identity for the brand to express itself only with its content.

Brand content thus becomes the only way to communicate in a unique way: create a storytelling to convey a message, an idea, an emotion, in order to convey a brand’s values and vision to its audience.

Kenzo is a perfect example to illustrate this point: a simple and flexible layout that lets the brand express itself through its content.

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Gives back its letters of nobility to typography

“Art is a pure form of expression, graphic design requires responsibility, design creates a story. “David Rudnick, Artistic Director

Roboto and Open Sans have replaced Arial and Verdana, but the use of these free fonts tends to support this standardization.

A brand must not be identified simply by its visual iconography. Many customers underestimate the importance of typography, especially when a site is based on a template, or a more minimal design.

A font allows you to represent a unique experience belonging to a brand. Beyond the font pairing, a font tells a story, a serial font does not say the same thing as a type without a serial font. A typographical composition conveys as much strength as an image.

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Get creative again!

A ray of hope in this cycle: to become creative again!

The landscape of French digital agencies is already changing, and is increasingly refocusing on brand content…

The future of the web designer is certainly uncertain, but why be a simple executor, when we could design and create our own content and identity for our customers? In short, become craftsmen again!


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