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How to modernize the brand and increase the employer brand attractiveness?

In order to improve the image and the recruitment process of its customer BUT, DISKO unveils a brand new Careers site. At a time when more and more Internet users prefer the mobile, it is entirely responsive and therefore in line with the latest standards of the web. A technical choice confirmed by a 20% increase of the mobile traffic.

The editorial strategy also takes advantage of it to evolve. Through a series of employee portraits (storytelling), Internet users can discover the universe of BUT and immerse themselves in the corporate culture. For the brand, the objective is simple: to create new vocations and to reinforce the effectiveness of the recruitment.

Finally, a geolocation system makes users save time by offering them the job offers closest to their position.

In fact, the recruitment time per position has been improved by 30% thanks to the qualification and geolocation strategy, and the candidates spent only one minute per announcement (facilitated path).