Les Vins de Bordeaux (CIVB)

Brand Content


The CIVB has chosen DISKO to work on its social media and influence strategy, in particular by entrusting it with the creation and production of a hero content for its North American BtoC and Btob target.

In July 2020, DISKO introduced the new editorial line of the brand by publishing emojis featuring all the colors of wine: red, white and rosé, which can now be found on @bordeauxwines. 

The collaboration then continued with the creation of a digital movie to achieve the objectives of notoriety and consideration sought by the Interprofession. With the claim concept “Diversity is our Culture”, the agency chose to highlight the diversity that echoes the rich American culture and the methods used by the different Bordeaux terroirs, whose wines are often made from blends. A common ground and full of future.