Nature & Découvertes – Fair Friday

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How to enhance your social commitment by hacking the High Mass of Consumption ?

Upon Black Friday, the epitome of mass consumption, DISKO devised a new version of this day for Natures & Découvertes. A 100% committed and unprecedented version of this shopping-centric day devoted to discounts : the Fair Friday.

58% less wild animals worldwide, 67% less green turtles in the oceans, 90% less sharks in the Mediterranean Sea, 73% less sparrows in Paris… On November 23rd 2018, against the flow of Black Friday and while reusing the same graphic codes (massive discounts, noticeable from afar), Fair Friday by Disko and for Natures & Découvertes shines the light on these endangered species. #DiscountsThatMatter

In order to raise awareness among Natures & Découvertes customers about biodiversity erosion and to foster them in supporting concrete actions, Fair Friday is displayed both on and offline.

– The windows of the Nature & Découvertes stores are adorned with an impactful campaign posters which remind us with figures how fragile the future of these animals is… and how much the decrease in biodiversity matters !

– The Natures & Découvertes Foundation is committed to donating €30,000 to 4 associations (Sea Shepherd, LPO (League for the Conservation of Birds), Longitude 181 and ASPAS, Association for the Conservation of Wild Animals). A sum that will be divided among them depending on how much support each one receives both online and in stores.

– On social networks, customers share the project that holds their attention most. A share equals €1 donated ; in stores, the customer’s signature in favour of one of these 4 associations is what matters. –

The agency — signing the concept and all its creative adaptations on every media— did not forget to design the « NO CAN DO, GOTTA SAVE THE WORLD / I CAN’T, GOTTA (GO) SAVE THE WORLD » tote-bag, whose profits will be donated to the Nature & Découvertes Foundation in order to found biodiversity preserving actions.