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DISKO has been chosen to support Snowmelt in the creation of its Snowmelt brand identity, its national launch and its digital ecosystem.

Joining the category of “Hard Seltzers”, a segment born in 2013 in the United States and a true summer success since 2019, Snowmelt has landed in France with its alcoholic sparkling water born of the Rockies, with the 25-35 year olds as its target.

Surfing on the wellness and health market, “Hard Seltzers”, low-calorie alcoholic and flavoured soft drinks, offer a “healthy” compromise to a young generation that does not want to give up pleasure and conviviality: they have already seduced the North American population and exceeded 2 billion dollars in sales in 2019.

After defining the visual identity and platform of the Snowmelt brand, DISKO launched a poster campaign accompanied by a powerful influence and social media campaign to develop its reputation, establish its identity and bring to life its promise, an immersion in the Rockies, fresh, sensory, natural and essential.

Driven by a dual strategy of image and performance, the overall campaign obviously includes the brand’s e-commerce site, which has rapidly exceeded its sales targets.

To mark the reopening of the bars and restaurants, DISKO also developed a new poster and social media campaign called “Restart slowly. Drink Responsibly”. It reminds us of the importance of responsible drinking through its attributes that allow for a “gentle restart”. A QR code is also made available to consumers to answer questions and discover the brand’s universe.